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META  Lounge

Bringing Instant Access to the Latest Yachts, Sports Cars, Jet Charters & Film Sites

Virtual Walks are a game changer, allowing clients to step into high end services and interact with luxury brands across the world.

A Virtual Walk enhances exposure immensely, breaking the borders of conventional marketing.

Magnify your service, creating a direct relationship with the target consumer.

Take advantage of press attention from the virtual walkthrough's exposure

You will receive recognition of your high end service with every new Virtual Walk we send to our celebrity network.

See trust and loyalty grow with engagement of the Virtual Walk

Use the opportunity to promote a special occasion while promoting a new luxury brand

Contribute to the reduction of less journeys for clients and help reduce carbon emissions

We operate across US, Europe and the Middle East. If you would like to collaborate with us please complete the form and one of our team members will be in touch.

Select your Industry
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and someone from the team will get back to you.

Step into an industry for a virtual walk

We Take Pride in Contributing to the Reduction of Carbon Emissions

Digital engagement has become more common than ever and the use of Virtual Walk have created immense convenience and speed for people to access any industry without having to physically travel. As a result, a virtual walk contributes to the reduction of transport use - less carbon emissions being produced, so go green with us.

34% of the UK’s carbon footprint comes from transport emissions (National Statistics, Department for Energy Security & Net Zero, 2023).

reduce carbon emmissions
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