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META  Lounge

Bringing Instant Access to the Latest Yachts, Sports Cars, Jet Charters & Event Rooms

META Lounge brings direct access to luxury and elegance, harnessing the most prestigious industries directly to your portable device. Peek your interest with our selection of industries and step into an immersive walkthrough to see what's on show.

Our fast user-friendly feature compels celebrities and industry players with it's interactive immersive walkthrough.


Our valuable network of celebrities was formed from years of work with the TV and film industry in UK and US, gaining exposure with high profile brands in prestigious industries.

You will have exclusive access to the latest luxury brands

On-Demand Virtual walkthroughs are a game changer, allowing you to step into your high end service and interact with a prestigious brand from across the world

You will have unlimited walkthroughs and may use our feature at your own convenience

Use our on-demand interface to save time and money from traveling. Contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions

beautiful young businesswoman presenting

We Take Pride in Contributing to the Reduction of Carbon Emissions

We operate across US, Europe and the Middle East. Industry services are welcome to get in touch for collaboration here.

We present the latest on show and our relationship with clients is subscription based. You may apply for a subscription through our online form.

Digital engagement has become more common than ever and the use of 3D Tours have created immense convenience and speed for people to access any industry without having to physically travel. As a result, a virtual walk through contributes to the reduction of transport use - less carbon emissions being produced, so go green with us.

34% of the UK’s carbon footprint comes from transport emissions (National Statistics, Department for Energy Security & Net Zero, 2023).

reduce carbon emmissions
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